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3 Steps to Making a Lifestyle Change

A wise person once said : THE HEALTHIER THE TREE, THE BETTER FRUIT IT WILL BEAR …. or something like that.

If you’re struggling to make a lifestyle change, here’s a quick project for you – it’ll take 7 minutes.

(1) Write down your goal – make it a 90 Day goal. Email this to me:

(2) Write down 3 weekly changes you can make to start working toward that goal.

(3) Write ONE action step for the upcoming week.

Usually when we want to change something, we want to do it ALL AT ONCE. Usually we also want to do it perfectly.

This typically is not sustainable. Pick one small thing to take ACTION on, do it next week, and the week after, and the week after.


(1) Lose 4 pounds by May Long - notice I chose 4 pounds, not 15. Slow & steady has been shown to win the race when it comes to weight loss maintenance.

(2) Weekly Change #1: Move more; #2: Eat more vegetables; #3: Cut down the mid-week wine

(3) Action Step: Wake up and do a 5 minute power walk in place Monday and Wednesday mornings.

Struggling with your action steps?

Make these small action items and plan them AHEAD of time.

If you’re mentally drained and don’t have a plan, you will likely not take action.

Some of my weekly action items – because I am ALSO a human crushed by the work week who vegetates on Saturdays …

> I make spicy fried chick peas as a snack. I’m so lazy, I don’t even make the tahini dressing. I keep these in a mason jar to snack on throughout the week. I HATE measuring the spices - there’s too many, I hate my measuring spoons, our spice drawer sucks.

HACK : When I have a burst of energy, I measure 4 WEEKS of spices, and put them in separate baggies to use for the next month. I’ll also measure my Chicken Marsala Spices at the same time and separate these out. Label your baggies or you get REALLY confused.

> I’m wandering around my closet in the dark at 455am mad that I’m late for my Treadmill Date.

HACK : I lay out 3 sets of workout clothes for each week, roll them up and set them in the bathroom. I do this as soon as my laundry is done on the weekend. I have shoes waiting by the treadmill.

> I hate lifting…. Wait. I need to rephrase that. I hate setting aside time to lift when I have 10000 other things to do. I hate planning my workouts day of.

HACK : I pre-program 4 weeks of workouts in my TeamBuildr app. I only lift for 20 minutes. I try to get as much done as possible in 20 minutes. If I have time, I will keep going. Even if I only have 13 minutes, I lift for 13 minutes. 6 minutes? Sounds good, 6 minutes it is!

Want my program? Email me at with "SHORT & SWEET" in the subject line and I'll send you a PDF of my program with links.

Yours in Fitness,


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