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Let's talk about your posture ...

You’ve heard it before …

“Stand up taller”

“Shoulders back”

“Chest up”

If only it was as simple as that.

You may be a self-admitted desk jockey or you’ve been carrying stress in your neck and shoulders for decades.

Here is where we can just throw exercises at you to make you realize how bad your posture really is …

BUT I also think it’s time we warrant a conversation on the ‘Other 165’ for posture …

The Other 365

You have heard me talk about the other 165 frequently in regards to health and wellness. If I spend 3 hours a week on my fitness, the remaining time in the week is the ‘Other 165.’

Posture is the same way.

If you spend 3-5 minutes in your warm-up on mindful posture work, that’s GREAT.

Now, the Other 165 — I call this postural hygiene.

What are you doing throughout the remainder of your day that is impacting your posture?

When you drive, how do you have your seat in your car set up? Are you driving with a forward head posture and rounded shoulders?

When you are standing in line flicking through emails on your phone, what’s your posture like?

When you’re lounging on the couch watching Netflix, do you set yourself at an angle creating a forward head posture with your chin tucked down?

We can teach you the world's most incredible posture program but if the remainder of your day is spent squinting at your computer, mousing like a mad person, you’re wasting your time.

3 Posture Points

'Bad' posture can come from 3 things - they're not necessarily strength related:

(1) Forward head posture

You've taken a deep dive into your computer work for the day. Have you seen what you look like from the side?

Let's try that again -- look around the grocery lines the next time you're at the store. Everyone is on their phones, eyes gazing down, chin to chest. That's a forward head posture.

You can make HUGE strides to improve this with one of my favorite posture exercises - from my Osteoporosis Canada BoneFit Specialist Course: Head, Shoulder, & Elbow Press

One great cue we learn in the Osteoporosis Course is to teach people to stand taller through the top of their head and to keep their gaze ahead, not down.

(2) Chest & shoulder blade tightness

Sometimes our bodies just CAN'T hold their position. This might come from a tight chest, shoulders, lats, triceps ... so many things!

Here's one of my favorite daily chest opening series using a foam roller - best part? It's just 2 minutes and 30 seconds of posture work.

No roller? I like this one from Amazon or you can buy one from Fitness Depot. (Model not included)

(3) Rib:hip connection

This is a little combo of awareness, strength, and mobility. Are your ribs stacked over your hips? Or does your low back are EXCESSIVELY and hips dump forward excessively?

Remember: you have a natural curve in your low back - we want that. BUT we also want you to be able to control your rib cage over your hips. Once we get you lifting weights, we NEED that connection to be maintained. This makes for a healthy mid & low back.

Try this: Romanian Deadlift with a Dowel OR 3-point RDL . Can you keep your head, shoulders, and bum on the broomstick? If you can't try to just keep your shoulders and hips on the dowel. If you struggle with this, we need to talk about your rib:hip connection. Do 6 each side.

This is another variation to try: Hip tilt plus knee lift OR Modified Heel Tap Keep your hands on your hips as you press your back flat into the floor. Focus on using your lower abs to do the movement. How's that? Do 8 each side.


Shoot me an email:

- Tessa

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