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Start. Stop. Continue.

Ah yes, Monday means another post about whatever I feel most motivated to write about after my weekend wanderings.

We talk A LOT about habit change in Initial Assessments, at Zeal, and during Coaching Calls.

In a world where everything has been changing for the last 2.5 years -- work from home, no social events, no travel to .. "Ok, I guess you can travel and hang out with some of your friends again. By the way, be at the office Monday." to ... "Here's some flex days and by the way, schools out for summer in two weeks and that golf league you signed up for 3 years ago starts three days ago."

How do you hold onto those habits you have been working so hard on?

A lot of people think about trying to continue to [INSERT positive lifestyle change habit here].

It's not always about just trying to hang on and continue this habit. Maybe you can support habit maintenance (or continuing) by starting a new habit or stopping another one.

Example: You like walking in the morning. You have to go back to the office and it messes up your morning walking routine. Options are (1) get up even earlier to walk (2) walk after work or during lunch.

To get up earlier, you probably should go to bed earlier. What habits can you START or STOP to help you go to bed earlier? Maybe start planning out dinners more so you don't waste time in the kitchen. Maybe you stop watching that extra episode of Brooklyn 99 to get your nighttime routine started earlier.

If you're crushed after work and have a hard time mobilizing to get your runners on, maybe you start finding a path you can walk on your way home from work. Maybe you start packing a high protein snack for after work so you're not starving and too hangry walk.

See where I'm going with this?

Instead of struggling to continue your awesome habit, what can you START or STOP to help support your good habits?

As always, call me and we can strategize. I love this stuff.

Yours in Fitness,


PS. Want to chat? Check out Tessa's Availability and Doug's Availability to book your coaching call directly via Calendly. As always, this is free and highly encouraged. We love talking to people.

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