Behold the Power of Healthy Choices As We Age

Now, I'm not a football fan at all. I'm even less of a Brady fan (credit to my partner's obsession with everything that is and was the Patriots Legacy).

BUT if a picture’s worth 1,000 words, then this one’s as long as the Harry Potter series of books. On the left is eternally youthful Golden Boy Tom Brady at age 43. On the right is a quarterback from another era, George Blanda, at the same age, looking like a Public Service Announcement from the anti-smoking lobby. Now, this isn’t really about football or quarterbacks or even just cigarette smoking, although we’ll get into that.

Instead, we’re talking about the changes in aging that we’ve seen in the last two generations, since Blanda’s heyday as an NFL great, and today, as exemplified by Brady. The comparison reveals a lot about anti-aging myths that were nurtured by the reality of an earlier time – and persist today to the harm of many people who are in the “second half” of their lives. Stereotypes Standing in Your Way Any of these sound familiar?