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Off-Season Remote Strength Program
  • Volleyball focused programming to help develop your physical capabilities for next season

  • $69+GST for 3 Months (June 1 to Sept 1)

  • 100% Remote Program, with hybrid option for YYC-based athletes

  • Weekly coached live session (optional add on 1x per week, live)

  • Weekly Schedule: up to 3 strength training sessions, 2 speed & conditioning sessions, supplemental mobility

  • Coaching support 7 days a week via our training platform

Why put your trust in Zeal?

  • Created by an MSc in Exercise Physiology/Human Performance with Div I/III NCAA & Olympic level strength coaching experience

  • On-court & in-gym experience with 100s of Club volleyball athletes of various ages and skill levels in the last 5 years

  • Proven programming to improve your speed, power, fitness, and strength while decreasing your injury likelihood/pain

  • 100% money-back guarantee 

We do NOT limit this program with volleyball experience, training experience, and level of play. If you want to learn to lift, get stronger, play better --  we want to work with you.

What if I'm injured?

We offer training modifications for all injuries.

By getting stronger and having a well-rounded training routine, we see athletes have less pain and future injury. We need our athletes to mature enough to be proactive, communicate with our coaches and be self-advocates for their injuries.

Let's chat on the phone to make sure you're a good fit for this program if you're concerned.

I really don't know how to train and don't have access to any equipment.

​Do you have the desire to learn, be uncomfortable, and have backpack with books in it? You're good. This is our 'thing.' We got you.


How do I access my program?

Upon registration, you will receive an Easy Join Code for our TeamBuildr account.


I'm in Calgary and I want to come in and train this summer.

Choose our 2x per week In-Studio option. You get a 1 hour lift AND 1 hour speed/agility/quickness group session TWO days per week (i.e. 4 hours of training per week). These do NOT have to be used back to back. Train the whole summer (June 1 to Sept 1) for $799+GST. Upon registration, we get you going with our booking app GloFox.  You can also get a 10 Pack of our Lift/Group Combo sessions instead if you're traveling.


Questions? Type them in the chat box on the website!

Off-Season Remote Strength Program

Excluding GST/HST