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You've set your compass, now what?

Last week we talked about setting your compass to where you want to go and building an action plan...if you missed that email you can find it here. Here is an example of an action plan from a hockey player I've worked with in the past:


Building the action plan is one thing...sticking to it takes discipline and trust in the plan. Something that I encourage athletes to do in order to stick to the plan is to identify if there are people that can help either in executing the plan, or to help keep you on the plan.

This could mean enlisting others to help the example above it could be pro-actively seeking feedback from a coach on your puck battles for point #4. Or it could be having a good teammate (that they trusted) to be ready with a code word or just checking their attitude if they notice it not being very positive on point 1. Again, it isn't anything complicated, but it is something that I've found success in when I've done it myself or have suggested it to people to try in the past. The more people helping to achieve a goal the better - build a team of support around yourself to help you out!

​The best plan in the world is completely useless if you don't stick to it, and you'll never know if your plan was any good if you don't give it an honest chance. The same way we can write incredible programs for clients and have the client come back and say this program isn't really working - only to find out that they have consistently completed 30% of the days that were included in the program.

So if your biggest challenge seems to be sticking to a plan, try enlisting the help of others to help you get it done - then you'll be ready for my next big tip...coming next week!

​Doug and the Zeal Sports Performance team.

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