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This piece of technology looks like a typical weight scale but it's BETTER! The scanner gives us valuable data like muscle mass (in pounds), water weight, fat mass, body fat percentage, Basal Metabolic Rate (how many calories you need to eat to maintain) and segmental mass (comparing arms and legs left to right!).

How do we use this?

  • This is valuable to see changes the scale won't tell you! Maintaining weight with a new training program doesn't show you how your body composition changes -- remember, muscle weighs more than fat!

  • This will tell us if you're losing muscle. This one is big for our clients at risk for sarcopenia (think: osteoporosis for muscles!) and masters athletes who have high volumes of training.

  • Assess if you're eating enough by giving you a basal metabolic rate (aka how many calories you need to eat at minimum). It's valuable for those who are used to restrictive diets - you may not be eating enough!


What does this entail?

  • Three minutes on our scanner; wearing your athletic clothing - less baggy clothing and fewer zippers are better.

  • We spend 15 minutes going through the assessment and over results with you.

  • If you train in the morning, we can have you scan right before your training session. Bring a snack though - it's recommended you scan on an empty stomach.

How often should you scan?

  • Well this depends - some are motivated by regular scans - monthly. Others will be happy with scans every 8 to 12 weeks. If you're serious about making some changes, we recommend more frequent scanning. We can talk about this.


How much does it cost?

Check out our shop for current pricing & sales! We've been known to offer some sick deals on our weekly emails:


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Plan for about 15 minutes total, 2-3 minutes for the scan and the remaining time for any questions you may have.

Watch the video on how to get to Zeal Performance. We highly recommend you watch the entire video if you've never been to the Springborough Professional Center.



30 Springborough Blvd SW

Unit 208


Rules for testing:

(1) Do not eat or drink prior to the test. If you are testing before a workout, bring a snack for after your test. If you have to have a coffee before this test, make sure to have a coffee before your next test -- we want to test and re-test in consistent conditions.

(2) Use the washroom prior to your test.

(3) Wear tight fitting clothes with minimal metal (zippers, belts, buckles)

(4) Take off jewelry prior to testing

(5) Do not take the test if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker. If you are currently menstruating, your test results may be slightly less accurate due to fluctuating water weight.


(6) Do not exercise prior to taking the test.


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