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Strength & Conditioning

Our programs are athlete-centered and expert-supported.

Our athletes are given the ability to take ownership of their development while being supported by our coaches along the way. 


While the path to each individual's success is never the same, we can pinpoint the qualities that help successful athletes get closer to their goals. Gaps in skills, qualities or behaviors are communicated and a detailed action plan is built to help support the development process.


At Zeal Performance, we create an environment that is challenging & supportive, educational & exciting, and demanding & rewarding. It is our goal to contribute to the development of athletes and citizens that are engaged, problem solvers, that enjoy the challenge of getting better each day!

Whether you need more strength, speed, power, work capacity or to change direction faster - we guarantee that we will get you results!  Book your call now to find out how!

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Sports Performance Info Requet
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Meet Doug Brown

Director of Sports Performance


With a Masters in High Performance Coaching/Technical Leadership, Doug’s background both as a hockey coach and a strength coach gives him a unique perspective when it comes to athlete development. Doug is a professional coach who is passionate about developing elite, well-rounded athletes and people.

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