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InBody Scan : 2 Scans

What is an InBody Scan?

The InBody 270 scan measures body composition without having to pinch, dunk, or hold your breath! This device reports back muscle mass, fat mass, BMI, body fat percentage, water weight, and differences in body composition limb to limb. Using this data and your gender is calculates a Basal Metabolic Rate (this minimum number of calories you can eat daily).


How long does a scan take?

Each scan takes about 5 minutes to complete. The whole appointment takes 15 minutes to discuss your results and prepare you for the scan. 


What does this price include?

The initial account set up, InBody Scan, printout, support videos, and time with a coach to discuss your results.


How often do I need to scan?

This depends on your training goals. For those looking to make lifestyle changes for fat loss, a scan every 4 weeks is recommended. For those trying to maintain muscle mass, it is recommended to scan every 6 to 8 weeks to ascertain proper recovery.


How does an InBody scan impact my training program?

If you are trying to increase muscle mass and/or decrease body fat, this scan will provide a baseline number to compare against later in your program. Trying to accomplish a shift in body composition require different stimuli (different sets, reps, and loads). This will also help to guide recovery habits (nutrition, sleep, hydration, etc). Because this scan shows limb-to-limb comparison, it will show us if you have any major imbalances that may need extra attention.


Can I share this pack with others?

No, this pack can only be used by you. It is directly associated with your InBody ID number.


Where are you located?

You can find us on Springbank Hill, next to Ernest Manning High School, above Pharmasave, in Calgary, AB.


Note: this type of scan is NOT recommended for those who have pacemakers, deep brain stimulators, or who are pregnant. Expires in 24 months from first scan. One per person.


InBody Scan : 2 Scans

C$79.00 Regular Price
C$49.00Sale Price
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