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Sometimes the best answer giving it 100% intensity!

Following on the heels of the last 2 articles revolving around development and setting your intention prior to training, today’s thought to you as an athlete is a short one (remember, everyone we work with are athletes, the age and competition level just changes). ​

Hopefully you have been able to implement a few tactics to get yourself into a better place to drive your development. If you’ve forgotten about it already, that's ok, you can review them here, and here. ​

My next tip to you, no matter who you are, that pretty much always delivers instant results is to try this… ​

Whatever that one thing you decided to work on or set your intent on, ask yourself: “am I actually putting in 100% intensity on that skill?” ​

Focus your mindset to WORK mode…Forget the BS about working smarter, not harder…sometimes the answer is rolling up your sleeves and putting your absolute 100% best effort forward. Get out of your head, stop overthinking things, and just dial in 100% and give your maximum effort - you might be thoroughly amazed with the result you get. ​ Thanks for reading!

Yours in development, the Zeal Sports Performance Team.

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