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Sometimes the best answer giving it 100% intensity!

Following on the heels of the last 2 articles revolving around development and setting your intention prior to training, today’s thought to you as an athlete is a short one (remember, everyone we work with are athletes, the age and competition level just changes).

Hopefully you have been able to implement a few tactics to get yourself into a better place to drive your development. If you’ve forgotten about it already, that's ok, you can review them here, and here.

My next tip to you, no matter who you are, that pretty much always delivers instant results is to try this…

Whatever that one thing you decided to work on or set your intent on, ask yourself: “am I actually putting in 100% intensity on that skill?”

Focus your mindset to WORK mode…Forget the BS about working smarter, not harder…sometimes the answer is rolling up your sleeves and putting your absolute 100% best effort forward. Get out of your head, stop overthinking things, and just dial in 100% and give your maximum effort - you might be thoroughly amazed with the result you get. Thanks for reading!

Yours in development, the Zeal Sports Performance Team.

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