Good Posture Isn't Just for Kids

“Stand up straight!”

“Stop slouching!”

We all used to hear that as children, right? It’s even more important now, later in life.

Parents might tell their kids to correct their posture more to instill pride and project confidence. But good posture is about a lot more at this stage of life.

As we age, our bodies are “de-volving” into a more rounded, slumped posture. Not only does that add years to our appearance, but it also contributes to joint and muscle misalignment, which creates bad movement patterns. Continue with those, and pain and injury aren’t far behind.

For many, the slouching starts due to an occupational hazard: sitting behind a desk for decades.

The body will conform to those positions that it is most frequently in. As you sit in a chair, the body assumes a forward head posture with hunched shoulders. Hip flexors also are contracted and shortened. Even our breathing can become restricted.

Try this: Take a lo