Functional Aging

Keep doing what you need to do, want to do, and love to do

Online & In-Person, coached, engaging strength training for 50+ Canadians

Why put your trust in Zeal?

- Created by an MSc in Exercise Physiology/Human Performance who specializes in 50+ Training

- Programming to improve your mobility, balance, strength, and stamina

- Each exercise is watched by our coaches in a small group to keep you safe

- Modifications for all limitations

- Our coaches go through your whole health and injury history prior to the start of your program


One of our coaches will contact you within 24 hours

Zeal Performance uses Functional Training in small group sessions to provide high quality coaching for all levels. 


Regardless of your age, current level, experience and limitations, we provide a comfortable small group training environment for clients of all levels and abilities. Zeal employs Functional Aging Specialists in an atmosphere for mature Calgarians. 

Sessions are 35-minutes long and are offered virtually and in-studio. We work with your doctor, physio, and/or care team to get you to where you want to be.

"I cut up my handicap parking pass"

"I am 60 years old, have had both my knees replaced and recently also had a total replacement of my left shoulder... She adapts her exercises and can make a quick on the spot change if my knees or my shoulder limit me from doing them... I am excited about the results of working with her.

- Susan

Ready to get started?

Step 1 | Consultation call with one of our coaches
This is to make sure we're a good fit for what you need and want in your training.

Step 2 | One-on-One Success Session in-studio or virtually
Includes a movement assessment, baseline testing, and goal setting with a coach

Step 3 | Book your free trial
New clients only

Let's Go!

Meet Tessa VanDerVeeken

Director of Fitness & Wellness


Tessa, co-founder, is a Functional Aging Specialist and strength coach who obtained her MSc in Exercise Science, Human Performance in 2013 from Ithaca College (NY). After spending years working in cardiac rehabilitation and wellness, then preparing athletes for the Sochi Olympic Games, Tessa has refocused on the needs of a mature client.

"The single thing that comes close to a magic bullet, in terms of its strong and universal benefits, is exercise."

Dr. Frank Hu, Epidemiologist

See Tessa's Full Resume @ LinkedIn

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Functional Aging FAQs

How is Zeal Performance different?

Like other facilities, we focus on "Functional Training." Unlike other facilities, our team designs sessions for all fitness levels, ages, limitations, and injury/disease history. Our coaches are highly trained to help design training sessions appropriate for where you are now to get you where you want to be. We work with your current medical team to help get you going!

I have [INSERT limitation or condition HERE] and exercise hurts. I shouldn't join.

Wrong. See the below list of conditions and/or diseases our coaches have a history of training:

> Back pain
> Joint replacement
> Osteoarthritis
> Osteopenia/osteoporosis
> Parkinson's
> Frozen shoulder
> Overweight & obesity
> Cardiovascular disease
> Mutiple sclerosis
> Rotator cuff injury
> Spinal fusion
> Bone, breast, colon cancer
> Amputation/partial paralysis
> Visual impairment
> Limb amputation & paralysis
> Depression/anxiety
> Pulmonary disease
> Pacemaker & valve replacement
> Your condition we'd love to add to our expertise!

Still unsure? Book a confidential phone conversation with one of our coaches.

Do I have to be "in shape" before I join?

Not at all. Upon starting with Zeal, we talk about your training and injury history, as well as your goals. From there, we decide what session will be most appropriate for you to start with.

What are your sessions like?

All sessions are small group training. This keeps coach:client ratio high, providing you feedback in your training and confidence in your movements. Sessions are typically 35 minutes long and are offered virtually as well as in-studio. Strength, balance, mobility, posture, and power movements are blended appropriately to challenge your development.

I've never worked out before and I'm nervous. It's too late for me to learn.

It's never too late to learn. Our goal is to make your next 10, 20, 50 years better than the last! We are eager to teach you how to be active for every aspect of life.